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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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dangerous mistakes, a 2-year-old girl is left locked in a daycare van for hours as
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temperatures reach high in the 90s. >> i want them to learn they can't do this. they can't be responsible with somebody's child, grandchild. >> how it happened and what's being done about it. hello everyone. i'm daric charter. >> she easily could have died. that's what happened to a 2-year-old little girl left in a hot van. we have more, we spoke to the little girl's family, kelly. >> reporter: vick, the family is asking child protective services to investigate how this little girl was left in life threatening conditions for so long. you never would know it but 2-year-old isabelle hill nearly died at daycare. when her grandfather arrived wons the staff said they didn't know where isabelle la was. he called her grandmother. >> oh my god, you know, she's
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lost. then when he called back and said she was there and she seemed okay, he was like what is wrong with them? >> reporter: the little girl was sleeping in the fitness fun and games daycare van after returning from a field trip. >> he ran to the van and saw her laying down in the van and she just looked at him, looked up and went back to sleep. >> reporter: the daycare owner wouldn't answer the door but sent this statement, we analyzed every step of the problem to ensure this couldn't happen again. we're adding additional safety checks throughout the day and on field trips. were you hot? isabelle's fallliest mates if she was in a van like this for about four hours and on a day like this, hot, humid and 95 degrees outside. doctors caution leaving kids in hot cars could kill them. >> even for a minute you'll run into a store, don't, you know,
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leave them in the car. cars heat up incredibly fast, incredibly fast and temperatures get to 120 or 140 degrees when the sun is out there this kind of weather. >> she has no medical condition. she said if it was another child she could have died in the van. >> reporter: the little girl was treated here for heat exhaustion and released. the family is keeping her hydrated and indoors for the next two days. it was remarkable to see how she's doing one day later after this incident. reporting live, kelly, wjz. >> thank you. the daycare center says staff is being disciplined but to what-degree? isabelle will not be going back. all that heat and humidity has proven to be volumeble. it was after a fast moving storm hit leaving a trail of damage.
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trees were snapped and debris. bob is tracking the system and the record heat from the first warning weather center, bob? we watched it this afternoon. take a look at radar around 2:00 or so we tracked this through the philadelphia region. there it goes. hail reports and damage around philly and northern delaware and by 4:00 it was all the way through the region and more storms across southern portions of the region, as well. we're down to comfortable 80 now. how hot did it get? we broke a record. we're at 80, the last coming in. the dew points dropping oakland only 64. 73 ocean city and nice shower there is and thunderstorms as well. take a look at the records, yes, we broke a record. 100 degrees, the previous record was 97 and the average is only 85. we'll come back and take a look at a nice change for the end of the week. >> okay. bob, thank you. as you may know the heat is causing major problems for mark
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and it's commuters stalling one train on the track for two hours. were you on the hell ride the other day? >> they boarded the train and expressed outrage. it trapped 1000 people on the train for two hours and the governor called it the hell train. they promise to address the problems and internal and federal investigations are being done. count your pennies, you'll soon need two more to buy a soda. a 2-cent tax was approved on some bottled drinks. the mayor says it's crucial and others aren't so happy about it. >> this bill is approved. >> reporter: in an 8-4 vote the bottle tax passes as a 5 million-dollar solution to save endangererred jobs and pay for programs to clean up graffiti and trash.
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>> this is the worst fiscal crisis in modern history and we've been able to close the gap being responsible. >> reporter: the major's original four cent proposal didn't have the support so she compromise wed a 2-cent tax that expires in two years and will save some jobs. good enough for some to consider changes votes, city employees are relieved. >> this is not about 4 cents or 2 cents, it was able preserving services and workers and their families so they won't be on public assistance. >> reporter: but opponents are popping tops in frustration. >> our customer wills shop in the county in response. >> reporter: local grocers worry they will be forced to cut staff and make up 10% of their total sales, opponents took out this full page add in the sunned to urging citizens to tell the city counsel to stop the baltimore tax. they call it a lethal policy. >> this tax exists nowhere in
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any other ma nice palty. >> coca-cola and pepsi employees warn it may save city employee jobs but may cost theirs. >> it will impact the company in a great way. i'm disappointed they let us down like this. >> reporter: are you afraid for your job at this point? >> absolutely. the mayor and some city counsel have failed baltimore. >> reporter: it affects soda, alcohol and water. most juices and milk and water are exempt. it goes into effect july 1st. well the bottle tax and other new taxes including hikes in income, parking and tell lacombe mine cases taxes should eliminate the city's 121 million-dollar budget short fall. >> neighbor neighborhood is shaken tonight after brutally being murdered in her home. he is accused of stabbing her
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in her home. police believe hailey often gave or loaned money toester and that he killed her for money. a woman and the man she's accused of hiring to murder her husband have their own lives in jeopardy tonight. alex is at the courthouse with new develop thes in a high profile murder for hire case of a local gas station owner, alex? >> reporter: denise, the prosecution calls this a contract murder and that qualifies this murder for the death penalty. when william was gunned down his place said it was a robbery adapt and she saw the killer. >> blackmail 6'" tall. >> reporter: within days of his death that story fell apart and his wife was charged of orchestrating his murder with the help of five others. >> she participated with family members and associates in carrying out the murder.
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>> reporter: the state's attorney sent this notice, notifying them there is an aggravating circumstance that qualifies them for the death penalty. >> what an aggravating circumstance is is a premeditated murder plus a little more. >> reporter: that little more was that carla employed or engaged to copper theft the murder and in plain english. >> it was a contract killing. so the fact that the murderer or the person that pulled the trigger and the person that hired them are eligible for the death penalty. >> reporter: before walter bishop's arrest and kara's arrest friends of the victim placed hope in the friend's attorney. >> i feel confident in the state's attorney that once he is caught, that he'll do his best to prosecute to the fullest extent. >> reporter: only back in march no one knew it would be carla porter as the one facing the possibility of a death
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sentence, denise? >> the prosecution notified them. their confessions to police will be used against them. new tonight another case of animal cruelty is reported. the owner of this cat brought her and her four day-old kittens to the animal shelter to get help. they saw a group of boys throwing rocks. the cat appears to have a broken pelvis and dry blood on her nose. the kittens appear to be okay. one mile under water oil and gas continue to gush from the blown out well. here is a live look at the spill that's made its way to the florida coast. more than two months ago a florida beach had to be closed today because oil began going on shore. witnesses say it looked like a milk shake as the oil turned into a thick mess and for the first time the spill is nearing mississippi's islands.
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tonight bp says it hired former clinton administration james lee whit to help it improve the response to the spill. >> reporter: houses of fingers are colliding across glass screens tonight as happy owners of the iphone 4 test out the new high-tech toys. hundreds started lining up last night waiting for the chance to buy the phone. 600,000 phones were preordered but you still had to stand in line to get it, thousands more are still waiting. okay. workers send in their lethal weapon. minutes awe way after danny glover holds a raleigh. find out what he's fighting for. a baby is offered to shoppers at wal-mart. who tried to sell the child and how they got caught. i'm mike, how the airmen of the maryland state police performed one of the most difficult rescues they knew. the story when eyewitness news continues. subway now has breakfast!
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it is 80-degrees with a few clouds. the weather forecast is coming up but first a california couple is arrested for trying sell their baby at wal-mart.
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police say patrick and his wife samantha approached two women and offered to sell their 6-month old daughter for $25. the women reported the incident. police went to the parent's home and they were found under the influence. the baby was taken by child protective services. controversy at one massachusetts school over a policy allowing condom distribution by the school nurse. it will give condom to students of any age. they will also receive information on absten innocence but their parents won't be notified. it reached the state capital where the governor asked the school to revise the policy. the superintendent said it will get another look. lawyers for van der sloot are mounting a challenge. they say van der sloot admitted to murdering stephanie flores. the 22-year-old later re- can'ted
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and a complaint is filed alleging an unofficial inter bretter confused him. van der sloot says he was mis-informed by his state appointed lawyer. also today the toc college report on flores was released and it showed she had an fed means in her system but it's not known where she took it voluntarily. tributes for the one year anniversary of the death of michael jackson. fans will be allowed to walk past where the king of pop is buried. crowds are expected to gather in harlem. meanwhile in jackson's hometown a monument will be unveiled outside his childhood home. a molly wood star joins a rally in the city. glover talked about better wages and working conditions. >> when we talk about the heart of baltimore, we talk about men and women who provide a unique
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and much needed service for this city. >> and the crowd tonight also heard from major stephanie blake, local 1199 of the sei us calling for free and fair union elections for every city healthcare worker. last night we brought you a dramatic water rescue. it happened at powder falls state park. tonight mike shoe talks to those involves in that dangerous operation. >> reporter: it's a 20-minute hike. he jumped into the gun powder. he's losing blood, his ribs broken and a lung punk toured. >> he had a big sires hole. >> reporter: he's on board own of the two chopper. >> he needs a surgeon. >> reporter: his fast transport
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arrives at a valley filled with challenges. >> the most dangerous thing we do, trees all around, bridge behind him in this case. a hoist mission on a 95-degree day doesn't get worse. the only way it would be worse would be at night, worse, more challenging. >> reporter: choppers can hoover but it's dangerous. yesterday they were below that height. >> we don't have ground references. you have no air speed, no air speed is probably the worst, worst thing you can have. it's worth the danger if you can save his life and it was necessary to do so. >> reporter: with a scratcher it's a 20-minute hike. so these next 40 seconds are the most dangerous until the basket reaches the chopper, the victim and crew are in jeopardy should an engine get. >> thin air, she doesn't want to fly. >> reporter: they can't fly the patient to shock trama. they land in a second chopper waits to fly him to surgery and adam is the medic on the second ship. >> we get to see some of the
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best. people helping each other out. the adrenaline pumps. >> reporter: at that moment we hear this. >> south of the bay bridge. >> reporter: these airmen look forward to hoist rescues. in the interview they are dispatched to one. they don't do a hoist today but are aware of the importance. >> it's something that's very cool that very few people on this planet get to do. >> that victim is in critical condition. last year state police hoisted 12 people aboard their helicopters. thanks to a british company your iphone can soon fly. this toy was put on display today in london. it is part of a video game system that multiple people can ply. it's guided by tilting your wireless device and it can travel for up to 50 yards. >> okay. >> they are in line for
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iphones -- >> more toys, more toys. all right. let's keep you busy. what a boring night. let's take a look, wasn't boring today. big storms to the northeast, south and southeast. in the city we missed it. it was across of the shore. take a look at temperatures around the region. yes it has cooled down somewhat. 80 now with no wind at all but the bore rom terms of people is rising, a new air mass is moving in. 80 here and 75 ocean city and ocean city had a big range as well and the board walk 81. 77 and a cool 63 at oakland right now. amazing stuff. up to 100 degrees today. that's the new record. the previous record was 98 in 1966. so far the low 79. the average high is 85. average low is a very comfortable 63. these are the averages. so today at a normal 50 is the regular. right now very light winds but
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come back to the north and northwest. new air mass is moving in. it will be drier tomorrow and yes, about 10 degrees cooler than today. so you'll notice a difference. there is that front but right through the baltimore region, all is not going to weaken to the south but a new drier air mass. it's going to be warm tomorrow. but we will have a lower humidity. unfortunately it looks like a day and a half because the same high tonight moves off the coast and here comes the humidity and warm temperatures right back saturday night, sunday, hue mewedty and maybe a scattered thunderstorm by sunday afternoon and again on monday as well. northeast winds, 5 to 15 not knots sunshine 5:42 and clearing skies and 68 to the mid 70s downtown. pave the is going to keep a lot of the heat in. not as hot or humid tomorrow.
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98 to 90. 93 on saturday and humidity comes back and 95 on sunday, maybe a thunderstorm, 93 monday, again, a chance of a late day thunderstorm and drying out tuesday 88 down to a more comfortable 66. >> thank you, bob. a big night for a maryland basketball player. >> mark has the latest from the nba draft next in sports. ,,,,,,
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a reason for smiles. >> a dier disappoint point. you might turn to any good luck charm you can find, a voodoo ball. adam jones as the os try to salvage the final game with the marlins. jones cashes in on the good karma. fifth inning driving one deep off marlins, al man doe was who making the debut. 11th homer of the season for jones, three hits for him on his bobble head night and tejada wins deep ending a streak of
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206 homer less at bats. that the the longest in his career. his first homer since april 30th and the os roll to an 11-5 win over florida the 20th victory. it's wjz this week and the birds will welcome in the national. see the os and mets sunday afternoon at 1:30 live on wjz13. football news for you. the ray bonnes reach a contract agreement with harris. he's played 13 seasons in the nfl are four teams most recently with san francisco. now 35 years old harris set out last season with a knee injury and gives the ravins back up help at corner. david reed agrees to a three-year deal. the fifth round draft pick set a school record his senior year. basketball now. a dream come through for maryland's vasquez selected in the first round. 28th overall he goes to the grizzlies. the acc player of the year made a walk to the stage in new york
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city after he was picked. vasquez thanked coach gary williams and his teammates and declared it a moment for his home country of venezuela. the wizards took john wall with the first overall pick. news from college park, maryland athletic director debbie says she's talking to north carolina state about the 80 job at that school and will interview tomorrow. she's been in maryland for 16 years. she's from north carolina and her sister kay was the women's basketball coach at nc state for 34 hours. the defending champs from italy sing a sad song today. facing slovakia and they jump up to the lead and win it 3-2 and that will devastate italy. that's a sock ever loving country. u.s. still in the mix. they play coming up on saturday afternoon. >> oh, boy. >> thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was quite the sporting day for queen elizabeth. the crowd rose to their feet. she attended a match. she watched the only british player left in the tournament to win the match. prior to that the queen had lunch with venus and serina williams and others. >> she walked in and had gloves can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ? can it make unlimited skype-to-skype calls to any country ? without using any minutes ? im anyone on skype.
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letter man is next with kevin james. for bob and mark i'm denise. >> and thank you for watching


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